Originating in India, Yoga (/ˈjoʊɡə/; Sanskrit ), is a practice or discipline focused on developing the physical, mental and social well-being of a person.



Established in the year 1993, by its founder, Swami Barun Anand, Anandapuram is a Socio-Cultural Non-Profit NGO dedicated to the Service of Humanity. Situated in Nalbari, Assam, it is registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 (Registration no. 1358/ Dt. 01.09.1993)

Dedicated towards the promotion of a Healthy, Just and Harmonious Society, it is one of the oldest Secular Institution in North-East India that has been thriving hard to instill Balanced Mind & Body, Scientific Temper and a Sense of Empathy among the people.

Since its inception, Anandapuram has been advocating a need to maintain a healthy lifestyle through various traditional as well as progressive methods like Yoga (Asanas & Pranayamas/ Breathing Techniques), Meditation (Dynamic Meditation,Vipassana, Sufi Meditation), Naturopathy, Psychological Counseling, Laughter Therapy, Proper Education, Sports, Art and Culture etc.

Gradually, Anandapuram has diversified its area of activities to achieve its Mission objectives. At present, Anandapuram is successfully running the following wings in its vast 11 bigha campus:

  • » Institute of Yoga and Meditation
  • » Yoga and Naturopathy Treatment Centre cum Health Retreat
  • » Ananda Vidya Niketan (Earlier known as Vivekananda VIdya Niketan)
  • » A.V.N Junior College
  • » Sangeet Kanan (School of Music)
  • » Nalbari Kala Niketan (School of Art)

Other future Endeavours, currently on the pipeline:

  • » Hostel for Pupils (Girls and Boys)
  • » Music Therapy through Classical Music (Shastriya Sangit)
  • » Jogger and Children’s Park
  • » Old Age Home