Mission Objectives

Yoga & Naturopathy Treatment

  • Ω To dedicate towards developing a holistic society by inducing physical, mental and social well-being among the people through various traditional as well as progressive methods of alternative treatment and healing.
  • Ω To promote different form of alternative treatments viz. Yoga (Asanas & Pranayamas/ Breathing Techniques), Meditation (Vipassana, Dynamic Meditation, Sufi Meditation), Naturopathy, Laughter Therapy, Psychological Counseling etc.
  • Ω To expand and develop our existing Yoga and Naturopathy Treatment Centre and Hospital for treatment of various diseases.
  • Ω To offer a Retreat where people can come to rejuvenate themselves from the hustle and bustle of their stressful life and the modern rat race.


  • σ To impart scientific, secular and progressive education in the traditional pathsala setup, in an environment that is abundant with nature’s beauty and open spaces. To provide a holistic learning environment blending traditional patshala environment with progressive teaching system.
  • σ To develop the all-round personality of the pupils by focusing on their physical, mental and social well-being along with cultivation of specific artistic skills like painting, dancing, singing etc.
  • σ To impart all the desired skills to the pupils, enabling them to confront challenges faced in the real life.


Art & Culture:

  • ℵ To develop the aesthetic sense of pupils by providing them a proper environment under the guidance of experienced artists. The “Nalbari Kala Niketan”, established in the year 2002 has already been working for the same.
  • ℵ To develop the musical and singing aptitude of desirous pupil by providing them an appropriate atmosphere, under the guidance of experienced musicians. The “Sangeet Kanan, Nalbari”, established in the year 1994 has been working towards the same goal.
  • ℵ To offer a meeting place, for discussion on various scientific development and social issues. To work towards debunking religious fundamentalism of all form. A modern auditorium and a public library are being developed towards achieving the objective.


Other Endeavours:

  • φ To develop a hostel for school and college pupils in a disciplined and enabling environment with a focus on cultivating their dormant intellect.
  • φ To establish an “Old Age Home” to offer the elderly a homely, relaxed and socially active environment, thereby keeping in check deterioration of their physical and mental health.


Our Journey: