About the Founder

Born in a traditional conservative Brahmin family, Swami Barun Ananda, was a very inquisitive child. His curiosity led him to many unknown paths and experiences. A voracious reader and experimental researcher of different world philosophies, he was fascinated by the concept of God and the farce around it. A staunch rationalist, who relies heavily on the concept of Love, Scientific Temper and Humanity, he gradually derived to the conclusion that God, like religion, is a mere man-made creation that tries to substitute mankind’s inability to deal with fear and reason certain aspects of life.

Swami Barun Ananda’s only focus till now has been to find a path that leads people to a happy and peaceful life. His motive is to impart his understanding among the people on how to be a virtuous and loving human being, without praying to God/ any external spiritual entity or without performing various kind of hollow religious rituals………………………….

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