Yoga & Naturopathy

Anandapuram started its journey in the year 1993, by dedicating itself towards developing a holistic society by inducing physical, mental and social well-being among the people. For this purpose it has been using various traditional as well as progressive methods of alternative treatment and healing. To achieve its goal it is promoting different form of alternative healing like Meditation (Vipassana, Dynamic Meditation, Sufi Meditation), Yoga (Asanas & Pranayamas/ Breathing Techniques), Naturopathy, Laughter Therapy, Psychological Counseling etc.

Anandapuram also has existing Yoga and Naturopathy Treatment Centre and Hospital for treatment of various diseases. A “Health Retreat” is also incorporated within the campus, offering people with a natural environment, where they can stay to rejuvenate themselves from the hustle and bustle of their stressful life and the modern rat race.